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Posted by admin on October - 14 - 2010 with 94 Comments

Scabies Mite @ 45x Magnification

Scabies Mite at 45x magnification. Source:

Welcome to my website. I had scabies and after months and months of trying everything, I finally found something that works.

It was the single hardest and most embarrassing experience of my life. Here is what I found out after months and months of suffering, and most of it is FREE!

Please spend just 4 minutes and carefully read. It could change your quality of life:

The treatment of scabies should be made particularly quickly and carefully because of the risk of contamination among your family and people you come into contact with.  Contamination can happen quite rapidly and can quickly get  out of control. Many people understandably panic when considering scabies. I know I did! Be practical and calm in your approach and follow these simple steps:

  • Prior medical consultation. You should not treat just because you “think” you have scabies. Make sure there is a proper diagnosis first! A skin scraping might be the first place to start, but if you are pretty sure then I would move on pretty quickly to treatment and containment of a scabies outbreak. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to be for you and your family!
  • 45x Lighted Pocket Microscope

    Obtain a skin scraping from a dermatologist or do a self administered skin scraping with mineral oil and a microscope or 30-45x pocket microscope. Skin scrapings are not always conclusive, however my experience is it take weeks if not months to get into a dermatologist, and once you do I hate to say it but most doctors don’t know what they are doing with skin scrapings or scabies for that fact. I was desperate to find out out first hand what I had. I bought a mini microscope and found out myself in just a few minutes. Just dab some baby or mineral oil on the affected area and scape it off with a glass slide. You will see the mites under the microscope. It will take some time but keep looking. You will be HORRIFIED but will know for sure!!  A pocket microscope or standard microscope is the fastest way to determine if you have the scabies mite or not.

  • How Do I Do My Own Scabies Skin Scraping Ink Test?

Watch This Video on How to Do The Test!

What do I Need to Do the Scabies Ink Test?

  1. A mini or compound microscope capable of at least 30-45x magnification
  2. A blue or black washable ink pad, preferably blue in (like the stain lactophenol blue from biology class)
  3. Glass slides and glass slide covers
  4. Several cotton swabs that are clean
  5. Mineral oil (its preferable because of its viscosity)
  • The treatment of your children and partners is key to your success. Members of the family living under the same roof and all people with itching in the entourage (family, children, friends, pets… I talk more about pets below) and other people you have been in close contact with will need to be treated to be sure you will not spread it to others or – WORSE – re-infect yourself in the future.
  • Wash EVERYTHING in at least 110 degrees hot water or above with borax soap (20 Mule Team Borax). It is available at local grocery stores like Walmart, Target, local grocery store, etc. Dry on HIGH!
  • For Mattresses, sofas, sofas, upholstery, car seats use a serious and proven mite disinfectant like BenzaRid spray. Also, consider using Organic Crawling Bug Control Dust which is a natural dust that safely eliminates the mites in your environment. Both can be purchased online.
  • Mattress covers! Use them! You will need to take them off and wash them daily or use the BenzaRid to kill the mites on your bedding daily.
  • CUT OUT SUGAR! Sounds crazy but these buggers like sugar. Why not cut out sugar for a week or two to get better? I did and it helps!!
  • Immune Boosters – Get on them. Your immune system can’t fight the mites by itself but you will need to be strong to battle them and a weak immune system will just make getting rid of the mites a harder and longer process. Naturasil makes a great one that is mushroom based called Naturasil  Immune Renew, or you can get a colostrum (cow or bovine) based one at your local health food store. You can find more about this below.
  • Treatment with oatmeal baths and itch control product like “cortisone cream” should be considered AFTER or IN-BETWEEN treatments. Why? It can interfere with whatever lotions that you will use to kill the mites. This certainly will not kill scabies but will alleviate some of the symptoms of itching and scabies rash.
  • Traditional scabies have burrows at the folds of the skin and DOES NOT GO ABOVE THE NECK LINE. Above the neck line means something else. Possibly bird or rat mites. Believe me they can host on you, too. Treatment for bird or rat mites is generally the same, but much more intense in how much time it can take to get rid of them. Following a good hygiene protocol is the key.
  • Pets can be a get mites, too. Human mites, such as scabies, do not live on pets such as dogs or cats for longer than a few days. However, if the can live for a few days then you probably don’t want your pets being around you while you are treating or you could get a ‘ping pong’ effect of giving it back and forth to you or your other family members just but letting a dog or cat sleep or cuddle with you. I have talked to people who have experienced just this sa me problem. Use common sense. It is best to keep the pets away and or possibly treat them as well during a scabies infestation. I talk about some pet treatment options below.


  • Benzyl benzonate: One can use benzyl benzoate lotion prescribed by a doctor. Benzyl benzoate is not always effective, as scabies mites have proven to become immune to this treatment. This lotion is generally applied to the e ntire body except the face and genital area for several days in between mite life cycles. Most people, just like me,  already tried one or several of these options to only find that it knocks them back for a day or two and they come charging right back.
  • Permethrin cream 5-10%: This is often the most prescribed by a doctor, but studies have shown that scabies mites are very resistant to this chemical pesticide treatment as they have built up an immunity to it and mutated away from its effectiveness to the poison. I tried it several times. It would knock them back for a day then be right back again the next 1-2 days. I used this first and it made me feel ill for a few days after the treatments. I honestly would try something else before trying it. Considering permethrin is known carcinogen, and a very common flea and tick medication for dogs and cats which is also well-known for not working well, but at very high concentrations on animals. Of course this makes me even less comfortable about using permethrin at all!
  • Lindane poison cream: Same as above.
  • Oral Ivermectin: Also known as stromectol  (which is what you give your dogs and cats orally for heartworm prevention) it is occasionally prescribed, but not recommended for children. A doctor must determine the dosage. I would recommend this as the absolute last resort.


  • Most doctors prescribe a 5% permethrin cream like this. It is classified as a pesticide, and neurotoxin. What are neurotoxins? The definition from the Webster’s dictionary is “a poisonous protein complex that acts on the nervous system.“ In layman’s terms that means- it poisons your nervous system. I don’t know about you, but that gets my attention pretty fast!
  • The worst part is that most people who use permethrin, find it not very effective. I know this first hand, because I’ve heard these stories, over and over again during the last ten years of talking to people. Also stories of people becoming sick from just one use of the pesticide.
  • But why don’t these treatments work? It’s simple, really. When you try and kill scabies mites with these pesticides, the first few times, some will die. But eventually over time, some of these scabies survive, and slowly grow immune to these pesticides. These survivor mites then breed even stronger pesticide resistance by mutation. These are called “super scabies”. Because these scabies are passed from person to person over the last 20-30 years, you can see why pesticide resistance is such an issue. The major problem that prescription scabies treatments face, is the fact that they cannot make their product any stronger, not even by the slightest amount, or they would be considered more hazardous to humans that they already are as potentially harmful neurotoxins.




    • Naturasil Scabies Cream, liquid bath products, and Sulfur-Lavender Scabies Relief Soap are the BEST! They are natural and worked for me on my scabies rash within two mite cycles (Less than a week) to kill the scabies mites. Also, Naturasil just updated their soap! Now the Scabies Relief Soap contains no harmful SLS, Parabens, or EDTA.

  • If you look into the Naturasil company Nature’s Innovation they are a solid BBB rated A+, been around for 10+ years, and the founder is well-respected natural medicine hunter and a homeopathic practitioner for the past 25 years who developed these homeopathic treatments specifically for scabies.
  • Naturasil liquid product plus the sulfur-lavender soap plus epsom salts bath = RELIEF. Then use the Naturasil cream after drying off. DO NOT WASH OFF! You have to do this 1-2 times per day if you are serious about getting rid of this!
  • Use an Immune System Booster like Naturasil Immune Renew. Some people who have had problems with these invisible biting mites also have immune system problems and may not even be aware of it. I believe that these mites are attracted to certain people, and some may attract them way more than others by having a low immune system which must put off some odorless signal to the mites. Those “carriers” really need to focus along with the family on eating right, taking an immune booster; again order it online if you can’t find it at the store. I take Naturasil’s Immune Renew and it works pretty well. It is mushroom based. Others are cow colostrum based and I really don’t like the thought of taking colostrum (from new born cow’s milk) from a cow.
  • Candida or Yeast Infection has been linked to mites. The technical term is candida albicans or yeast infection that is systemic in your body. The science behind this is not known, but some theorize that candida emits some type of odor the mites can smell and are attracted to.  It is not just in women, it can be in men, too. You do not have to have symptoms of it to have it in your body. Take either drugs from the doctor (antibiotics specific to it) or natural food supplements to kill off this harmful yeast in your system. A good natural food supplement is Naturasil Candida Clear.
  • I have seen and tried everything naturally from neem oil and caranja oil, to olive oil. I tried a ton of this stuff. Truth is some of it knocks them back for a day or two, but I NEVER GOT RID OF IT COMPLETELY using these other treatments. Be sure to use the BenzaRid environmental spray to kill the mites on your bed, chairs, car seats, work chair, you name it. Don’t forget to spray where your pets lay, and their bedding too. Remember even though pets don’t host human scabies, they can ping pong it back and forth to you by sleeping or cuddling with them. So do yourself a favor and eliminate that possibility.
  • The best natural treatment I used is hands down Naturasil scabies cream, bath products and soaps, which are generally sulfur- and natural plant extract-based, and they were highly effective. After using their creams and soaps for 1 week I could finally sleep at night!!  I was finally over the nightmare!!
  • PS – I have a large family. I broke down and bought the Scabies Family Pack. It is the best deal by far.
  • Most people prefer natural methods to kill scabies as pesticides have known carcinogens and can be harmful to personal health, but you be the judge. I just want to provide all the information and let you decide which method is right for you.


  • I have heard from many people who think their mite problem was brought in by their pet. I can tell you pet mange or “sarcoptic scabies or sarcoptic mange” is NOT contagious to a human. You  can temporarily be infected by sarcoptic mites but not permanently. Human scabies and animal scabies are two different types of mites completely. On the other hand there are many types of bird or rat mites that can host on both humans and pets at the same time. Generally itching is over the entire body including the head and more so at night. Traditional scabies have burrows at the folds of the skin and DOES NOT GO ABOVE THE NECK LINE. Above the neck line means something else. Possibly bird or rat mites. Believe me they can host on you too. Nonetheless treatments are pretty much the same as outlines above. The Naturasil pet mite products are great for naturally killing mites on animals.
  • Don’t forget that pets can be carriers of human mites such as sarcoptic mites can host for even a short time on your pets such as dogs, cats, pet birds, mice, rats. Bird and rat mites can host of both humans and animals indefinitely. Use common sense. If you have a pet you want to either limit contact with it or send it elsewhere while you treat so that you are not “ping ponging” mites back and forth between you and a pet. Naturasil makes great natural pet mange treatment products to be sure that you are keeping your environment safe and keep the pets our of your mite problem.


  • I have had some people tell me that MSM supplement pills, stabilized allicin supplements, and more specifically ones from which are a very concentrated form of a constituent from garlic called allicin. If you look into allicin it has been proven to kill things like lyme disease flukes and flagellates in the human blood, MRSA (Super Bug Staph infection) in the body and a host of other diseases. Immune system boosters from a natural foods store may help. These all still require a very rigorous treatment regimen, this is not in place of the above outlined treatment, but to aid and speed it up.Naturasil Scabies Treatment
  • I have also heard that pomegranate extract in either liquid or pills can help. I have been told that a high ellagic acid content is key when using these supplements. Why this might help I have no idea, but I am just conveying a number of messages I have received about it.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar, same as above, why I don’t know, but taking it is said to help some with the infection while also following the above treatments.
  • Air mattresses are helpful if you don’t want to be changing your actual bed every 5 minutes. You would still need to sanitize it with BenzaRid or equivalent but it may cut down on some cleaning at least once a day.
  • Plastic trash bags are a great idea to store your clothes, towels, sheets in if they are dirty and you don’t have time to clean them. It’s also a safe place for clean clothes just don’t mix them up. :)

I managed to get a hold of a coupon code for 15% OFF! Use code “STO15″ on checkout for ALL the Naturasil products. You will save a ton of money. I hope this helps.

Jim S.

Jim S. Former Scabies Sufferer

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  1. W. says:

    Jim this advice was invaluable. I went right to my grocery store and bought the stuff you said and got the rest online. I am forever grateful!!

    • admin says:

      I think you can definitely make a list from what I outlined above everything from good mattress covers, Naturasil products, borax soap for laundry, BenzaRid spray for killing mites on items you come into contact with seats, couches, beds you name it, hygiene is the top priority for sure so focus on that during your treatment. Good luck!

      • skitty34 says:

        Hi ive been infected with the scabies from the bird n rats because it is above the neck, and my husband and kids have it as well. We have tried the Permethrin cream is not effective 3 times already, and are using tea tree oil mixed with baby oil to stop the itching along with benadril. So far thats helping but new break outs are still occuring. My husband was taking the Eurax cream 10% and still keeps breaking out in puffy scabies marks from head to toe. He wont touch the tea tree oil and refuses to use it or anything else. I dont know what to do cause the tea tree oil is giving us all diarhea, I have a 19 month old daughter im treating with the tea tree oil as well and am so scared im hurting her doing all this for her, its really freaking me out beacause i dont know what else to do. I dont have 300.00 to buy your products but if i could i would just to get us cured. Please help me cure my family…please.

        • admin says:

          Hi I really feel bad for your situation. Best thing I can recommend that is cheaper would be the naturasil sulfur soap and read down my lists above there are some items that help that are cheaper than others. Baths really help because the rat mites are infecting the entire body not just fold of skin etc like traditional scabies. Good luck the products really do work but it going to take time to figure out what works with eat type of mite as I really think they are mutating now sad to say. God bless. M.

        • Clare du Bois says:

          Yes, there is another way…follow all the instructions about laundering, etc, but douse your bedding, chairs, car seats, etc and anywhere you itch with corn starch or corn starch baby powder. I have gotten rid of them that way.

      • Clare du Bois says:

        I wanted to share that an exterminator came to our house when we didn’t know what we had, he recognized it immediately from living on agricultural farms in California, he recommended Baby Powder. It worked!! But it is messy, messy, I have 6 cats and two dogs and have been treating them with corn starch, so far 8 boxes, and they’ve stopped scratching. But I am going to order the soap and cream you recommended for us since these seem to be bird mites and are relentless on us. I just wanted to share this with you in case someone without resources had the same problem. As you can imagine, there is a lot of daily cleaning from corn dust. I do believe though that if I were willing to keep to stay with the corn starch, we could get rid of them.

        • admin says:

          That is an interesting approach to treating the mites. I haven’t heard of that one before. I wonder if it helps relieve the symptoms, or if it actually kills them. Let me know how the Scabies Treatment cream and soap work.

    • Al Brandon - Brandon214 says:

      WOW. My mom gave me info from Jim’s site… I bought the Naturasil products and thank God, I found something that is working for me. I have no idea or cannot pinpoint where I may have picked these nasty things up, and was starting to feel depressed and hopeless. God answers prayer, Thank you Jim for all the advice.

      • nana50 says:

        Yes, God answers prayer! In August, upon reading the treatment advice for scabies – which I contracted last May while caring for my mother-in-law in a nursing home – I immediately ordered Sulfur-Lavender soap and the ointment, and I cleaned all my clothes bedding in hottest water and sprayed my mattress with Rid and bought a mattress cover.

        While waiting for my order to arrive, I remembered I had in my medicine cabinet some powdered sulfur which I use to treat occasional oral canker sores. I dusted myself neck-to-toe with powdered (sublimed) sulfur twice daily and had IMMEDIATE relief and QUICK results of healing the bumps. I got back online and ordered new bottles of sublimed sulfur.

        Another product I already had in my medicine cabinet which proved to be extremely helpful is ANUSOL – that’s right, hemorrhoid medication. Anusol is comprised of sulfate and zinc – greasy, but helped so much with the itch and with healing the sites!

        My sulfur soap and ointment arrived and I have used those faithfully as well. Twice daily showers followed by dusting with sublimed sulfur powder kills the mites, and application of the ointment and/or Anusol directly to the sites in between showers helps with the itching and the healing process.

        Of course the scabies mite eggs keep hatching for a long time, and new bumps and itching occur for many weeks, and so I have had to keep up the cleaning ritual and the powdered sulfur treatments and ointment application.

        Finally after six weeks, I have no new bumps. The old sites still itch and I use the Anusol to treat them, but they are healing nicely and itch less and less every day.

        I just want to praise God for hearing and answering my prayer for a solution to this horrible condition.

        Lord, I pray you will heal others reading this message who are suffering with scabies. Thank You, Jesus!

  2. Janic says:

    Hey I got the 15% off! Thanks for the tip. g.l.

  3. Mike says:

    Where can I get the mattress covers???

  4. Karen U. says:

    This is a great site full of super free info. Thank you for helping me and my family!! K

  5. Robb Weinholdt says:

    Thank You Much as I am suffering scabies terribly and have bad allergic reactions to the point of my bites not looking like” NORMAL” scabies bites thus being mis-diagnosed by MD’s several times. I know my body, what I see, and ewven how I got these devils.

  6. Shannon Austill says:

    My daughter is 3 now, and seems that ever time I turn around, she’s got ANOTHER rash! I think I agree with the fact that the Permethrin cream is not effective. And, I’m also not pleased with the fact that this is a pesticide! I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know this until now. I trusted that her ped’s doctor would have informed me of this first, allowing me the opportunity to decide if I wanted to treat her with it. I found the Naturasil site and I am going to try some of their products. But my main question is this…how can I treat her safely and rid my house of these pest? Are the products on Naturasil safe for her? Thanks for all your info! So glad I found this page!!

    • admin says:

      The Naturasil company send complete instructions with the products. I believe that for children under 5 they recommend cutting the cream in 1/2 with any body lotion and going from there with it. I think the soaps are also very effective in combination with the other treatments for children.

  7. bree says:

    how does this start by not being clean ? what starts this and how would one know they have it ?

  8. bree says:

    please let me know and how would it look?….

    • admin says:

      Hi – just go to Google images and type in scabies picture. It will show hundreds if not thousands of pics for you to look at from a microscope point of view.

  9. Epsom Salt Soaker says:

    I found that the tea tree oil applies directly on the spots, the tea tree baths help too, but the epsom salt baths seem to help probably the most. I’m thinking it’s the sulfer in it that is already in pure form so the body doesn’t have to convert it over and then lack the proper nutrients or channel to do so, because it’s already in its pure state. Americans also seem to be very low on magnesium, which is also in the epsom salts, so this will help too. I believe it has to be there inorder for the human body to be able to convert the sulfer and make it asseccible to the human body so it becomes depleted and thus, you begin your preprogrammed in chain reaction to malnutritien. The enzyme is a great resource

    • admin says:

      Yes all the thingsyou outlined are great and should be used along with the treatment protocol outlined above. I need to add epsom salt baths to the list for sure.

    • MIRI says:

      You are right about epsom salt baths. I have had what I now self diagnose as scabies. I went to a general practitioner and two dermatologists and has two biopsies, which came back as contact dermatitis and eczema. No scabies found. I was even treated with antiviral for chicken pox. Doctors were of no much help here. I have had bumpy, blistery and itchy skin for about 3 months now. And the epsom salt baths help curb the itching and dry out the lesions. Also, Zinc ointment helped. The lesions are much less now but I will heed the advice from other people here. I must say I went to hell and back.

  10. B Fuqua says:

    HELP!! i live in a rural setting in haiku hi. chickens hang around and i have been feeding them – family you know. about 2ish months ago, i got “staph” “scabies”. first thought it was just the tropics as it is prevalent here. i now think it is mites from the chickens. they love my place since i feed them. they are near my lanai, even another tenant on property – not same building – comes to visit, sits on lanai and he feels them. i have done permethrin(?) antibiotic cream. i just assumed it was stress related as times are really rough right now. now i wear long sleeves, pants if which is rare i go anywhere and i live in hawaii. i have sores, i itch and make them worse. didn’t even cross my mind those ‘sweet little birds’ were the probable cause. i would like it gone yesterday!! must get rid of chickens i suppose. if i quit feed maybe they leave. i have babies, teens, mothers (chickens that is, i name them for god’s sake with no idea that this is likely causing excruciating unease, not to mention a health threat. i pretty much loner so i’ll do just about anything to get rid of them ASAP. i’m dyin’ over here. mahalo nui loa. i will be anxiously looking for some quick solution. what is Naturasil
    sulfur? i SOOOO appreciate your help. can i pass this on? should i keep people away? what about my dog, cat??? EGADS!!!!! thanks again – not even sure who i am writing to but an answer is needed fast please!!!!!

    thanks, b

    • B Fuqua says:

      thank you for answering immediately. i am freakin’ out, i love da birds, but i cannot stand this i may live in the jungle but i am clean, and i hate itching, and you should see my legs;arms.

      i am hideous!!


  11. DCT says:

    Can my dogs, be reinfecting us? What about the eggs. We used the 5% crean given by the doctor seamed to almost work but now there back worse.
    Please help

  12. Joanne says:

    My doctor thinks I have scabies and I ha ve used permethrin cream once and will reapply again tomorrow. Is it normal to actually feel a bite and then see the mark on my skin.
    Am I still considered contagious?

    • admin says:

      Hi this probably means that the permethrin was not 100% effective. Honestly this is normal and exactly why people turn to different treatment options other than a traditional doctor. The scabies have become immune to these pesticide treatments which is why I recommend a little different protocol outlined above.

  13. Annette Cooke says:

    Thanks for the information. I certainly will give Dermasil a try.

  14. college mom says:

    I have been searching for awhile and haven’t found any good information until today.We are going to try this today!
    My son contacted this at college and after thousands of dollars, several doctors visits,and using poison cremes 4 times. He is fed-up with doctors,spending alot of money with no results, so that he yelled at the doc and the doc gave us perscriptions that we can’t even fill.So that made me search again, and finally some useful information.If this works for us, then know that you will be blessed in our prayers for helping us! Thanks again!

  15. Liz says:

    We just found out a girl in my daughter’s camp cabin has been diagnosed with Scabies. Do I treat her up front as if she has them? What are her chances that she has contracted this? Please help

    • admin says:

      There is always a possibility that she has contract scabies but it is remote. I would wait until the symptoms show up of scratching, red lines at the fold of the skin etc.

  16. JC says:

    I just ordered the product. Thanks for the step by step on how to use it. Even using all the products am I still looking at 3-6 weeks?? Anything to speed it up???

  17. Connie says:

    I have been treating my husband, myself and my elderly mother with dermasil products. I have done 4 days on (6 days for mother) and environment cleaned every day. We’ve been using the cream, liquid and the sulfur-lavender soap. What is the purpose of the epsom salts if i am using all of the above? And how do we know for sure when they are all gone?

  18. danny says:

    I am grateful for this article because I have been to the doctor and dermatologist and the dermatologist said that my symptoms are consistent with flea bites. He even took a biopsy and the lab stated is “consistent with a insect bite” I have been suffering for about 7 months with complete confusion, totally depressed. I am going to my doctor immediately and ask him why he was not able to diagnosis such a condition. Can you share a bed with some one and they show symptoms maybe once months ago, but not again?

    • admin says:

      I have seen cases where you get rid of the scabies symptoms and then get them back again within a months or several months. Perhaps you are more susceptible once being exposed to them. Nonetheless treatment protocols are the same.

  19. chris says:

    this is great info. What about treatment for the scars that are left after you rid yourself of the scabies?

  20. pretti1 says:


    • admin says:

      Hi this sounds more like rat or bird mites. Treatments are very much the same as with scabies but can be much harder to treat as you have to limit your environment because reinfection is a primary problem. I have people telling me they move to much smaller sure footage to help deal with the environment problem in a smaller area. Good luck

    • ron razer says:

      pretti1, do u live near the ocean? i tried everything even 1 cup clorox baths my hair was destroyed. i went to the beach and floated around and turned my head so water would go down in my ear canal then i sat out in sun 1hr and rubbed sand in the bites yes it hurt like hell but i was so pissed off i didnt care i just wanted to kill these monsters then i went home got in clorox bath soaked for 45 mins,eveything under water but face, let body air dry then put BLUE STAR OINTMENT ALL OVER BITES AND SURROUNDING AREA. EVEN PUT ON Q-TIP AND RUBBED INSIDE OF EAR CANAL AND ALL OVER OUTSIDE OF EAR AND BEHIND OF EAR.rub on everthing and everywhere itching, changed ALL linen every day GOD BLESS YOU I KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH. I DID THIS 4 TIMES and took the 4 pills the doctor gave me for killing scabies and THANK GOD IM FREE OF THOSE DEMONS. BUT VERY SCARED, ID LOVE TO SUE THE HOTEL BUT DONT KNOW HOW TO GO ABOUT IT. PLEASE DO THIS AND I HOPE IT WORKS THE SAME, THEY DO NOT LIKE THE OCEAN AT ALL YOU WILL SEE THEM BECOME WHITE HEADED AFTER BEING IN THE WATER IN ABOUT 20 MINS, I RUBBED THE TOPS OFF AND LET THE WATER GET TO THE RAW AREA WHERE THE SEEDS ARE HIDING. let me know if it works.

      • admin says:

        This is definitely not scabies. It sounds like bird mites or something else and yes I have heard all those things be positive to get rid of them. Good luck because you may be more susceptible to pick them up again after an infestation like this!

    • redshoes says:

      Scabies? or something else?
      For over a year I have had the worst skin condition I could ever have imagined. Big red bumps break out all over my body (and I mean ALL over!), except, thank GOD, my neck and face. I itch horribly – everywhere, every nook and cranny, the wost itch you could ever imagine. Keeps me awake most of the night. The bumps are solid and hard- not pimples, and some get huge. They eventually form a thick scab on top, which according to the doctor, isn’t actually a scab but is called granulated flesh. They are so hard and thick that the lesions can’t heal so I have to keep them bandaged with ointment to soften them so they can be gently removed and allow the lesion to heal. I went to my doc at least 5 times, also the local hospital. Initially they all assumed it was a bad reaction to Sumac as I landscape and had been clearing sumac,however, as it got worse and went on for months, they all decided it was not Sumac.
      I was then referred to a dermatologist. All of my doctors, and the dermatologist, did numerous skin scrapings and blood tests. During this time my little grandson, age 3 now, also had little bumps and severe itching, particularly between his toes, and it was worse at night. He scratched his feet so badly at night that the skin between his toes has become thickened, like calluses. We have taken him to his pediatrician numerous times as well. For both of us anything external has been ruled out, i.e. allergic reactions, skin diseases, etc..
      Between us we have tried every possible medicine/pills/ointments/lotions, both OTC and prescribed. Nothing has helped, especially Cortisones/Hydrocortisones – zip-zilch-nada relief. I am prescribed Atarax (Hydroxozine) pills and Desinide-Sarna lotion. My grandson has liquid Atarax and childrens Benedryl. Sometimes they help a little, but most of the time not much.
      So, a couple of weeks ago my dermatologist diagnosed me with PRURIGO NODULARIS, which means ‘itchy bumps’ in Latin! This is an absolutely devastating condition that is disfiguring and disabling, although not life-threatening. There is no treatment, no cure, and it’s forever. I am still a young woman(in my 50’s), used to be a model, have always taken care of myself so I look much younger and believe in being well groomed, and like to be well-dressed – now I am completely disfigured. I am single but now I could never get into a relationship or be intimate. I can’t go swimming and, obviously, am really limited in clothing. Also, it’s pretty hard to socialize with this itch. The only thing that sometimes helps a little bit, the Atarax, knocks me out so I can only take it at bedtime.
      So, anyway, my grandsons itch has gotten worse and he developed little bumps all over his body, so, back to the pediatrician, and, have an appointment to take him to the dermatologist – I was panic stricken that he may have Prurigo! He’s just a baby! I can’t imagine his life being ruined by this torture! The dermatologist (plus online research) says that Prurigo isn’t contagious at all -can’t be contagious because it’s caused by something IN your system. From what I can tell by researching it is that it is an autoimmune problem. So, his doctor diagnosed him with scabies! I was stunned! I thought scabies was from being dirty so am horrified as I know we aren’t dirty! The docs say that scabies is (are?) just one of those things that little kids pick up, like head lice and pin worms. Also, I have, in the past few years taken in several homeless people – not complete strangers off the street – but young kids who were either runaways or had been kicked out of home and had nowhere to go. Some of them had been in and out of many shelters, so, I guess it’s not too hard to figure how scabies may have gotten into the house in the first place. My predicament is this: as my grandson has scabies (which is a blessing if it means it is NOT Prurigo!), and he sleeps in my bed – I’m pretty sure I must have scabies, too. Could it really be possible that I have TWO severely itchy skin disorders! Although Prurigo is pretty distinct when you look at pictures on Google I am kind of hoping (hard to believe anyone would ever say this, but…) that I only have the scabies! At least there would be an answer, treatment, the possibility of being cured….my life wouldn’t be ruined…
      After reading some of the posts I wanted to write this as it sounded to me that some posters could possibly have Prurigo instead of scabies. Although Prurigo has been identified and named since the 1800’s, it is quite rare and many doctors have never heard of it, therefore many, if not most, cases of Prurigo are misdiagnosed and people go for years and years living in torture 24/7. There is an excellent online support group that has hundreds of members from all over the world. Anyone who has itchy bumps that has been a ‘mystery’ to their medical providers should check out the support group and Google images for Prurigo Nodularis.

    • badbreath says:

      hello,seems i’m infested too! what to use?help!!! my name is grayson.plzz e-mail me back a solution asap!

  21. lynn says:

    Can someone outline exactly the instructions for using the naturasil cream, soap etc. The container just said to apply to affected area. I bought the 120 ml container, 2 in fact, so how much do I need to use, e.g. 1/2 the jar? How much of the t-tree oil/lemongrass oil do I add to the bath, 20 drops? thanks

  22. lynn says:

    I just finished my first round of Naturasil treatment. For the first time in weeks I slept thru the night, with only one wake up. I also didn’t wake up with that dry itchy feeling in my arms. It is still present slightly, but that can take weeks to go away as the body rids itself of the residual affects of the burrowing and the matter left behind by the mites. I used the epson salt soak, with the tea tree oil drops in the bath, and I washed with the sulfur soap for several minutes repeating 3 times. I read on one website that for the sulfur soap be effective you have to keep the lathered soap on your skin for a minimum of 20 minutes. AFter my bath I pat dried my skin, as rubbing the skin makes the itching worse. I applied the naturasil cream from neck down as my scalp & face are very sensitive. And I use a sulfur mask & shampoo so that should take care of any that moved to the scalp, although as a microbiology major I know scabies prefer the tender skin of the hands, underarms, armpits, etc. The thinner areas of skin. I wasn’t sure how much of the naturasil cream to use on the 1st application, so I used about a 1/4 jar of the 120 mL jar. My skin feels & looks 100% better. Funny thing is, my infestation was predominately on my arms & shoulders. I also put the mattress cover on. Laundered all clothing I had worn in the past week, all bedding, etc. Any larger bedding that I didn’t want to launder frequently I put away for non-usage til this is remedied.
    Glad I found this as permethrin is not an option.

  23. AnnieQ says:

    Only contact of intimacy was in 1997. Been itching ever since. But the itch became overwhelming in the last two years. I live alone, and am sanitary, and obsessively ‘clean’. Live in a large well-cared -for retirement community so frequent use of our laundry machines will arouse curiosity. I use my bathtub for continuous washing of bedding and all clothing, linens… I can hardly find a space for whole body soaking. You do say the mattress cover has to be removed and soaked too. If I had privacy (my own laundry) I could probably lick this thing. I’m heading to a site for the dermasil. Thank you, and I hope it’s not expensive. I’ve used clorox solutions, clove oil in a carrier oil (olive oil), sulfur cream, on and on….

    • Mission 2 KILL Scabies says:


      I’m wondering if you have found any treament that help you get beter, or even get rid of it?

      I hope and pray that you are better. I’ve wittnes this intens itch on my love ones and I wish can help them but I’m so helpless… but with this new fuond treament, I hope it will help them feel better.

      best regards, 2 kill

  24. Grace says:

    I have been suffering from this horrible itch in my scalp. It all started when I went to get a haircut and within 48 hrs I satrted itching so badly. It has been 5 mos and many doctors’ visits and prescriptions later I am still sufering! I just had injections put into my scalp by a dermatologist but it did absolutely nothing and I simply cannot take it anymore. I itch all day especially at night. I have looked for info to no avail.I guess what I really want to know is can it be possible to have these things only in my scalp? I am so desperate for answers and a solution. Please help!

  25. bry says:

    ive been itching for 1 and half month now mostly at nigth i cant sleep enymore betewn my legs mosty to my bum i just dont know what to do

  26. Mission 2 KILL Scabies says:

    A 16yrs old is having what looks “Scabies”, it has been about 2months with intense itch and symptom appears in places that the Admin. Describes.
    2 doctor visit/treatments, NOT only that the Doc. Mistreated the symptom, it seems that a 16yrs old became the experimental object, but after reading the comments here… he will be treat with this newly found treatment.

    Please stay tune for the result, I’ll be back in 1 ½ to 2months.

    • Mission 2 KILL Scabies says:

      Below is what they will order today for the 16yrs old.

      “Naturasil Scabies Treatment Starter Pack”

      IS THER A NEED for any other to be included int this treatment? like Epsom Salt, Oils, Oatmeal soak Etc.

      • admin says:

        Hi YES you need to try most of the things I have outlined as combination homeopathy. I have found that works for one person does not always work for another so you need to be open to your treatment process. Good luck!

    • admin says:

      Good luck. Remember hygiene is super key along with the treatment.

  27. […] Scabies is a skin infection that can occur if you come into contact with a particular type of mite, known as Sarcoptes Scabiei. There are a variety of ways in which scabies can be passed from person to person. One of the most common ways in which scabies is spread is sexual contact. However, the infection can also spread if you simply have extended skin-to-skin contact with someone who has scabies. This could include something as simple as holding hands. Check out cure for scabies. […]

  28. tgd1012 says:

    I think my daughter has scabies. But i can’t afford all the stuff u listed. will what the doctor gives her be good enough. please help me out I have grand kids over everyday and i have dogs and my other kids. I can’t get this either i take care of a 89 year old lady what can i do to get rid of this please let me know

    • admin says:

      Hi i understand where you are coming from. This list is based not just on my own experience but getting information from people who have come to my blog. i would recommend the Naturasil Sulfur-lavender Soap as a good inexpensive start. It will at least get some relief with 2x a day use. God bless.

  29. JaniceP says:

    Hi everyone who like me, have suffered scabies. I just wanted to share my story with everyone and hope it helps. I got scabies which I didn’t know because I used to have allergic with seafood for years until I came to visit my family in California. At that time, I had pimple like on my shoulders down my upper arms, butt-stocks, my back, and my legs so I thought it caused of seafood. However, it is getting worse, my itchy was going to head, and it was so itchy, I scratched my head all the time. I can feel a crawling sensation all over my head (I have to ask my dad to chop off my hair shot for easy to apply Naturasil Topical Cream), went to my ears, my private areas. I went to see dermatologist and he said I had scabies mites which I had never heard it in my whole life. He prescribed Permethrin cream 5-10% but it was only temporary and prednisone. I went to see another dermatologist for second opinion but he confirmed that mine wasn’t scabies by looking my symptom. However, I know this wasn’t my regular allergy that I normally have for years because this time it was totally different. I was scared, frustrated, and depressed because it now went to my both palms of hand and soles of feet. My job must use computer to type everyday so it was so difficult for me to type because I have to wear gloves. I turn to do research online for alternative treatment and I found Naturasil Scabies Treatment which is a hope for me. I first ordered start up package and follow its instructions. I then ordered 2 super packages with next day delivery, I keep ordering every week (total cost $3 plus shipping). After couple days, I felt my head better an less itchy like before, those small lumps went away (up to 80%), I was so happy because I can sleep. Mine takes one month to treat so far (with every day using Naturasil scabies treatment). My scabies almost go away 60% – 70%; it now still has on my palm (most on the left) and my feet (not much). It takes that long time for me to treat because I let these mites in my skin too long so it takes more time to get rid of them. However, I did NOT use Naturasil Liquid drop into bathtub to soak my whole body (from head to toes) instead I used regular bleach (1 cup) poured into warm water plus put 2 bags of Aveeno Oatmeal Liquid (soothing body treatment) to prevent your skin dry out because of bleach. I soaked myself in bathtub for ½ hour and let it air dry. I did not even rinse because I want the bleach kill the eggs. I never use cloth, I only use paper towel which I bought at Cosco (only use paper towel and Q-tip). After air dry, I used Q-tip to apply Naturasil liquid to those affected areas (this liquid is very powerful, only apply to affected areas otherwise it will burn your skin which happened to me). I then purchased Aveeno Therapy Moisturizing Cream to put on my body from neck to toes to keep my skin not having flakiness like after bleach bath. Finally, I applied Naturasil Topical Cream from head to toe and turned my fan on to dry it faster. Beside I treated scabies for myself, I have used BenzaRid to spay onto my clothes, sofa bed that I slept on, chair I sat on, sheet & blanket used and I then washed it next day in hot water with 20 mule Borax soap. I kept doing this routine every day for 1 month so far. I see the improvement. Honestly, this scabies treatment and keep up with hygiene really wore me down. I have been sleepless for 1 month so far and I can NOT wait for a day that I have Scabies free. I miss my bed! This scabies treatment really cost my money, time, and energy. I wish you all luck in scabies treatment. If anyone has a question, please free to ask me.

    • mydogclyde says:

      i am 45 and this is my first time with this awful scabies thing I am not a dirty person whatsoever so i was in shock but from reading i guess they originally come from the woods right? then spreads from person to person rapidly?? do i have that right? but anyway kind of freaking out i have no job i take care of mom i don’t get paid for it.. can i go to a health store and buy this stuff or is it strictly on-line?? and omg really a couple of months to get rid of it totally?? my mom is freaking out she doesn’t want it and i don’t blame her she has enough to deal with with chemo and stuff!!! please help I can’t stop crying. o far only on arms and upper thighs

      • admin says:

        Hi – You are going to find that most of these treatments are online because this skin condition is very rare and those docs that know how to treat it are rare also.

    • itcy says:

      How long is this contagious?

  30. mjgh06 says:

    I have outside pet rabbits. One of the rabbits has scaby look at nose and mouth. I picked her up yesterday to get a closer look at the infection and then researched it online. It looks like it has sarcoptic mange mites. The rabbits never have contact with outside people so I don’t know how it could have gotten them. They are in hanging cages and do not touch the ground. Anyways, my research has been confusing. Some sites say People CAN get the mites from the rabbits and other sites say people CANNOT get the mites from rabbits. We are going to cull all the rabbits and start over. But I really want to know if People can get these mites from the rabbits.

    • admin says:

      This is a tricky subject. Sarcoptes scabies mites are not generally going to host on you but they can irritate you for up to several days. However if they are bird mites we have seen those host on humans and pets which becomes very aggravating. Sulfadip on your rabbit will kill the mites dabbed just avoid the eyes and mucous membranes. BenzaRid and enzymatic cleaners can help too.

  31. Barnett says:

    Can freezing items that cannot be washed on high heat kill the mites?

    • admin says:

      Freezing does not work from I have been able to discern. It’s like a mosquito, they go dormant for winter like Alaska and just start up from their frozen state like nothing happened. very frustrating. As far as washing on hot and drying on very hot does have some affect against the mites but not always. i would recommend an ezymatic cleaner to add to the wash. Naturasil makes a good one. J.

  32. Barnett says:

    If clothing has not been worn for quite while, does it still need washing, or do you concentrate on the ones worn lately?

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry BUT YES!!! Please use common sense people!! If you have not worn it in 30 days you don;t need to worry about it as much as newly worn clothes! J.

  33. Barnett says:

    How long does this itching continue after treatment? I have had two rounds with the lotion and the oral med, but the itching continues….

    • admin says:

      Itching can continue for week because there are dead bugs left behind in the skin and its a reaction to the dead bugs/feces underneath. (As long as the original symptoms subside).

  34. inky52 says:

    Unfortunately cannot order the Natural package as of yet and using the prescibed med and itching ointment. Ques, what name brand and best place to find the sulfur powder to use? Have had over several weeks when seen by Dermatologist who determined what it was I had and started treatment then. I do not have tub to soak in and looking for other means until I may be able to order full package such as using the sulfur powder besides the prescribed meds. Can email at: subj Scabies alternatives. I have read comments on blog which helps but also describes the seriousness of this particular circumstance. AS like others no idea where I pu it up. Thank you 10/27/12

  35. mydogclyde says:

    i am 45 and this is my first time with this awful scabies thing I am not a dirty person whatsoever so i was in shock but from reading i guess they originally come from the woods right? then spreads from person to person rapidly?? do i have that right? but anyway kind of freaking out i have no job i take care of mom i don’t get paid for it.. can i go to a health store and buy this stuff or is it strictly on-line?? and omg really a couple of months to get rid of it totally?? my mom is freaking out she doesn’t want it and i don’t blame her she has enough to deal with with chemo and stuff!!! please help I can’t stop crying.

    • admin says:

      Hi you could have contracted it anywhere from a person you have been in touch with to a bird nest outside your home. Did you at least get the sulfur soap or are your getting better with permethrin?

    • Littlemugg says:

      All the local alternative heath stores I went to didn’t quite have the right products designed for this use. You’ll find some similar products that share some of the same ingredients. Tea Tree oil you can get anywhere really. Sulphur soap designed for Acne is quite popular at health food markets but it isn’t mixed with the same ingredients as the stuff at Naturasil. Get the starter pack at Naturasil and then find a promo code to get a discount.

  36. inky52 says:

    Seen Dermatologist 2 of them from same office. Was determined to be Scabies. I received the normal treatment of creams and ointment for itching. Work at washing clothes and bedding everyday as I can and vacuum bed and couch I use during the day. Itching continues and used the recommended the pills twice to help kill the bugs. I have tried Hydrogen Peroxide for healing the scars from scratching and aide to help kill any new bumps. Also baby powder as well. After almost 4 weeks from first initial visit with this treatment, DR said I was no longer contagious to others. Had a death in the family and checked on the contagious stage and they stated the above since I had used the treatment they recommended and from washing clothing and bedding. The itching does go on but my wife and I do see new bumps almost every day. WE do keep our distance and she has been free from being infected so far. At funeral tho this weekend, I was in contact with many and believed since the Dermatologist said ok, I took part in viewing and services….The itching tho continues but I am not able to afford the natural products here promoted and we have no bath tub I can use to soak in products mentioned, just shower daily with a bacterial soap with Tea Tree Oil in it. With this treatment so far, how long is one contagious to others? Do have health food store locally and can get the MSM Powder and Petrie Oil was recommended as another possible product to use….After next week can order the natural products to use but as shared not able to soak in suggested products. Is there another product that can be used to spray mattress and furniture? We do have a dog that I am close to but not sure if we r passing these bugs between us. Using a laundry soap with bleach in at this time, not been able to find the Borax Soap but we do have a Walmart locally can check this week. I do hope the contagious period had passed as Dr said and I did not infect others. If not…WHOOPS ON HER PART AND WELL, MAY SEE AN ATTORNEY…..The pills did work some and the 4 tubes of cream and still have the “greasy” ointment I use at least once a day since it rubs off easily with clothes or bedding..did check to make sure it was Scabies with another D.O. and says with the scraping and Biopsy, that is the diagnosis and nothing else. Roughly with treatment and adding the natural products, how long can I expect from this? Not sure where it came from and we have no rats or come in contact with birds. After 21st can order natural products recommended here. Is there another product for spraying mattress and furniture? Do use Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar but do have access to Braggs after the 21st as well. Both in drinks and direct application. Thank u, Charles Wilcox, can email direct if u wish, Thanks once again.

    • admin says:

      Did you try the sulfur soaps? They help a lot! As far as what to use in the laundry etc you must find the borax soap? Keep trying or order it online. The best disinfectant that I know is BenzaRid. You can try pinesol etc but I know the BenzaRid works for sure after doing this 10+ years. It’s not cheap but it works. I wish you luck with this. J.

  37. Sauvageata says:

    How long does it usually take for the scabies to go away after treatment? I’ve been reading the comments and it sounds like it’s been taking anywhere between 10-20 weeks for everyone’s mites to finally go away. But I’m afraid I don’t have that much time. I’m pregnant and am expecting in just 7 short weeks, and I’ve had these buggers for about a month and a half now. We’ve tried everything to get rid of them: disinfecting entire house, cortizone cream, benadryl, even the Permethrin cream as a last resort. But still my scabies persist. I’m willing to try Naturasil, but I need to know if it will cure me in time. Otherwise, if I still have scabies when I give birth, I won’t be able to hold my daughter in my arms, much less feed her properly, for fear of passing the mites onto her.

    • admin says:

      Hi are you sure its scabies and not some other type of mite? It can go away in as little as 2 weeks with 2-3 treatments if done right. I will tell you permethrin DOES NOT Work. The mites have become immune to it and all you are doing is hurting your body. I would try the sulfur soaps and creams first and keep up the hygiene part religiously. Good Luck.

  38. CathieK says:

    Hi, I have a recent infestation of bed bugs/scabies? Have been misdiagnosed already (flea bites!) Can you tell me if the black and blue near the site of the bite is caused by scabies?

    • admin says:

      Generally you will see red burrows in the form of lines. Bed bugs leave bites much as a mosquito bit often in lines. However every persons skin reacts differently to these bites and may have a worse reaction than others. Hope this helps.

  39. jqconner says:

    ok…so for about the last month I have been itching…so I asked a doctor about it. He seems to think I have scabies…my fiancé and I both. But, when I researched scabies it made me question whether the doctor was right. So maybe you can help. I have the itching…bad..but at all different times, daytime and night time. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night itching though and it’s all arms, legs, hands, neck, and a couple on my back, and on the rear. But not in the folds of my skin . So could I really have scabies?

  40. Littlemugg says:

    Jim you are a God for putting up this blog. I found this site when I was sitting in my pharma office waiting for the Permethrin Cream to be filled. Didn’t hesitate to order the Naturasil Starter Kit before my prescription was even filled! Well spent $60 on the cream anyway-pricey stuff.

    On the way home I stopped at Sprouts Marketplace bought Tea Tree/Eucalyptus Soap, Tea Tree Antiseptic Oil and Borax at Target. My itching is a little different though it feels more like a “tingling” sensation so all my little bumps and red spots are staying small and I’m completely lesion free. You are right, don’t know what the Perm cream did for me other than make me panic for keeping it on for almost 24 hours instead of the prescribed 8-14. Taking a shower got rid of the panic feeling. Using Tea Tree oil soap until the Sulphur Soap in the kit arrives made my skin feel WAY better after using the Perm cream. If one is seeking relief, tea tree oil gives fantastic relief although temporary so I just keep at it. I recommend folks find an organic farmers supply and get some Diatomaceous Earth powder and sprinkle it all over the house, under the beds, on matresses, under sofa cushions, you name it. Its an organic pesticide that is safe to eat(has health benefits) and kills critters that are “mite” sized. This might be the key to stopping re-occurances!

    Without all this info Jim I would have relied on the Perm cream and well it just iritated the heck out of my skin. I’m always wary of any topical solution that has 5% of anything in it. Hopefully the Naturasil kit will continue to accelerate my recovery! Would be happy to post further results.

    • admin says:

      Hi Littlemugg – I get on here when I have a chance. I’ve used all of the above and find that the cheaper products just don;t work as effectively but I also know everyone is on a budget. I thought I would remind everyone that there is a 15% OFF discount code at for products use “NAT15″ at checkout. God bless. J.

  41. itsover says:

    Hi I have had scabies for about 8 months now.I couldnt figure out what the problem was for the first several months….I’ve read everything I could …tried permetherin couldn’t get a scrip for ivermectin took horse medicine still couldn’t get rid of them I soaked in dog dip, I was poisoning myself. I tried all natural first no immediate results. I went back to homeopathic and a tanning bed., it’s been two weeks and I am confident that I have elimnated the scabies!!! I went to the tanning bed four times for ten minutes each time. I had an almond/lavendar oil mixture and added neem oil to the mix. I dusted the house and all things I sat or slept on with diatomaceous earth covered everything with plastic and rotated the sheets on top of the plastic daily showered and/or soaked in a tub in rotation twice a day. In the tub epsom salt adding tea tree, lavender, clove and peppermint oils to the tub for the last couple minutes. I would then rinse quickly in the shower…I was also lathering up with sulfur soap washing my hair and leaving the soap in and putting the oil mixture on my body and in my hair leaving it on all night. This has worked!!! I will follow-up next week, hoping this will help someone else that has been suffering.

  42. runesetoy says:

    can you buy sulfur soap and the cream at a store and dose it kill them ??

  43. feduptiredone says:

    Does this scabies sample kit cure bird mites? I have some legieons on my face and feel them on my ears, eyebrows and face. HELP I have tried everything. I ordered this kit to cure my body of this mess, and ordered the powder & Spray. I feel hopeless and the doc didn’t even know what it was, prescribed the cream, and steroids. He didn’t take a sample either. I use tea tree oil and epsom salt lotion for now, and of course tons of washing. I also used 3 foggers for dust mites

    • admin says:

      Have you received the treatment from Naturasil yet? I would love to know how it worked on bird mites. Hope this worked and you get some relief from your symptoms soon!

  44. Tired of This says:

    It is now the end of June. I have had an infestation of something since the end of March or first part of April, and it started about the time we changed body wash, so thought it was that for awhile, and didn’t see Dr right away. Tried Permetherine 3 times 2/3 weeks apart, Stromectol (Ivermectin) 3 times 10 days apart. About 8 days after I took the second dose of Stromectol, I thought all the spots were gone, but 2 days later, they are back. The spots are not large, and seem to build to a head, then fade away after several days. Most of them itch, but not excessively. My doctor took a 3mm punch biopsy of the one the spots, and the lab could find nothing. How long will spots keep appearing after they have all been killed?

  45. Tired of This says:

    PS I just tried scratching the top off one of the spots and drawing a line through it with a magic marker, as suggested. There don’t seem to be any “burrows” showing up. None of my spots appear to have burrow lines. Although most of the spots are fairly small, I do have one about 1/2″ wide oval on my neck that never seems to go away. My Dr is going to refer me to a dermatologist if this last script doesn’t work, but how long do I wait to know if it doesn’t work?

  46. Yuckmites says:

    I have a neighbor who found out she had scabies after having her over for a few hours. She got treatment for herself and her child. How long before I know if my family has been infected? Also, she asked to use my dryer knowing that she was just treated for scabies not even a week ago. I really am not sure what to do. Do I let her use my dryer?

    • admin says:

      Hi NO! I would not let her use your dryer! It might be possible to transmit scabies this way. Generally you can tell by the intense itching after 2-4 days of contact.

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