I started this website after I dealt with my own scabies experience. I had never even heard of scabies until my daughter came to me one day and couldn’t stop itching. She said had been playing outside when her side started to itch. She scratched it and kept playing, but it just kept itching. After a while, she said it started to almost feel like a burning, itchy sensation. She was nine at the time.

I took her to the doctor thinking perhaps she had gotten a hefty dose of poison ivy, having no idea what I was in for. The doctor took a look at the rash and to this day I swear I saw him shudder when he saw it. He took a skin scraping and then said he wanted to try something real quickly to see if he could give us a diagnosis right then and there. He took a felt tipped marker and colored part of the rash. “Exactly what I was afraid of,” I remember him saying. He pulled me over to look and I saw dark dots and tiny lines that followed the dots. I didn’t understand, but he explained to me that this was a clear sign that we were dealing with scabies mites. The word ‘scabies’ I didn’t know, but ‘mites’ I did. I was not excited.

My daughter’s doctor went on to explain that scabies mites burrow into the skin to lay their eggs. The itching is not only an allergic reaction to the eggs, but it is also a reaction to the movement of the mites on and in the skin. I was horrified. He gave us a couple of prescriptions, one being Permethrin, and said he was going to run some tests on the skin samples just in case.

We filled the Permethrin and used it as directed.  It was not successful. The itching continued, the burning continued, and after a couple of weeks my wife and I started itching as well. Our doctor ran us through a couple of other prescriptions, but none of them worked. We were starting to get desperate. None of us were getting any sleep and we were all constantly itching.

Finally, I turned to the internet. Many websites had comments from people just like me that had used the prescriptions but continued to suffer. It was through reading these comments that I discovered all-natural medicines. I had always been very traditional; my doctor tells me what I have, gives me medicine for it, I take the medicine, and I feel better. I was in completely uncharted territory. We ordered and used various natural and organic medicines, but none worked as well as Naturasil’s scabies products. We ordered a value pack (the large super pack, in fact) from them with everything we would need, and within two weeks the itching stopped. We followed their directions to steam clean the carpets and couches, wash all of our sheets, lay down the fossil shell dust, and use the other products as directed. They stressed the importance of following their directions to a ‘T’ and we listened. We were ready to do anything.

I am a firm believer that not every product will work for every person, but I have to say that I was very impressed by Naturasil’s products. We have since turned to them for various other products and had success with them as well. Scabies is certainly no walk in the park and there are a lot of options available to the public to get rid of these obnoxious mites. I created this website in the hopes of helping even just one person get rid of scabies. So take a look at my posts, especially my treatment posts. We had a very rough time getting rid of the scabies and I hope that my site keeps you from having to go through the same thing.

For years I’ve recommended the steps & products I took to personally get rid of scabies. I’ve referred you all to Naturasil Scabies treatments because they are the only thing that worked for my family and I.


Thank you,
Jim S.