Scabies Treatment Alternative to Insecticide Based Treatments Permethrin and Ivermectin Needed Now More Than Ever Before!

Natural Scabies Treatments are a an effective Scabies treatment alternative as Scabies continue to develop resistance to common prescribed methods of poisoning them with insecticides and pesticides like Permethrin Cream and oral Ivermectin.

The traditional method of poisoning the mites through topical creams and even indigestible pills have contributed to the problem by creating strains of lice, scabies and other mites that are resistant to these poisons. That’s right!  While often still effective (Though less so these days) these pesticide based treatments are literally poison applied to or ingested into the body in an attempt to kill scabies. These treatments are becoming increasingly less effective as scabies mites are becoming resistant to them leading many scabies sufferers to seek out alternative scabies treatments.

How Does Pesticide Resistance Occur?

This happens more rapidly and commonly than you might think!  Over time some of the mites and eggs, while exposed to the poison, do not receive lethal doses and survive, and become tolerant of the pesticides and pass this trait on to their offspring. You can understand how this happens when you consider that most human vaccinations are often nothing more than dead or watered down versions of the disease or condition you are being immunized against.

How serious is Pesticide Resistance in Scabies?

In the case of Scabies, pesticide resistance has been a serious and growing concern in many third world countries and parts of Europe for some time, but as the CDC noted way back in 2010 this is a rising issue in the United States. This phenomenon on was recently highlighted nationally in the US making national news as over 25 states reported “Super Lice” which are simply otherwise normal lice that have grown resistant to poison treatments and only respond to more natural treatments like Natural Nits and other products that do not use insecticides or pesticides to kill them.

What About Natural Scabies Treatments?

Though a few  like Naturasil (Buford, GA) are FDA Registered solutions The Center for Disease Control (CDC) does not currently recognize natural 2000-year-old sulfur treatments, used by many to successfully treat Scabies, choosing instead to endorse the use of pediculicides creams and pills. Interestingly in its own documents on scabies and lice the CDC went on to warn that “resistance to pediculicides has been increasing and is widespread  and suggesting that unspecified alternate treatments could be used.  They supported this position with the following research that also speaks to head lice which is similar in make up to scabies. –

When should I consider A Natural Scabies Treatment Alternative?

Scabies is a serious but treatable condition and we encourage you to consult your doctor.

Scabies sufferers often turn to these natural over the counter solutions when traditional methods, as noted above, do not work or are not financially affordable. When Looking for a natural or homeopathic solution to get rid of your Scabies, look for Reputable FDA Registered Companies willing to back up their product claims with a money back guarantee.

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