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get-rid-of-scabies-300x224Getting rid of scabies can be a daunting and exhausting task. Unfortunately without going through the entire process your chances of really getting rid of scabies is much more difficult. I have tried to lay out a comprehensive list and protocol no matter what treatment you use to get rid of them.

First get a game plan together and purchase all of your products BEFORE starting your treatment. If you just try one thing here, and one thing there your success rate will be further diminished. I know from personal experience.

Some things you may need to pick up or order before get started:

  • Borax soap for laundry (20 Mule Team Borax is good, cheap, and generally available at Walmart or grocery stores)
  • New vacuum cleaner bags and a HEPA rated vacuum cleaner.
  • New mattress covers for all beds that could be infected with scabies. You can buy cheaper plastic ones for $30 or expensive washable/breathable ones for $75-$125 or more. I would recommend the more expensive ones because you will want to repeated wash them over time.
  • Extra sheets to cover couches and anywhere you sit regularly so you can wash them daily.
  • Serious anti-microbial spray for your couches, bedding, mattress covers, car seats, anywhere you or your pets sit. BenaRid is one of the best on the market. It is hospital grade and it works with little if any odor. If you are thinking about using Lysol that is OK I guess, but first no one knows if it really kills scabies, and secondly keep in mind that it has phenols in it. Phenols are deadly and cancer causing to humans. Lysol is serious poison to you and your family. Why wants to lay on that and  breath  it in?? I sure don’t!
  • Benadryl lotion or tablets to help with scabies itching
  • Sulfur soap. Naturasil makes a great one that also has antimicrobial lavender in it which helps reduce the sulfur smell of the soap. You will want at least 2 bars per person to cover the 1-3 weeks you will need to treat.
  • Decide which treatment you will use:
  • Dr. prescribed Permethrin cream (it is a carcinogen and pesticide but it may work. My experience is that I treated three times with it and felt sick afterward and it dint work.
  • Dr. Prescribed Lindane. Same as above a carcinogen and pesticide.
  • Dr. Prescribed benzyl benzoate lotion. I think it is less toxic but does not really work either.
  • Ivermectin pills from the doctor. This is the same pesticide that you put on your dog and cat’s neck to get rid of fleas and ticks monthly. It has reported mixed results but may actually work if done a few times. I would use this as my VERY LAST resort as again its a poison that is used on animals.
  • Naturasil cream. This is based on sulfur and I have personally used it. This is my first choice. It is expensive but worth the money. It is not a pesticide and sulfur has been used for hundreds of years to treat this. Reports say that Napoleon used it to get rid of scabies.
  • Naturasil liquid. I used this along with the soaps and creams. Works great, but follow their treatment regiment to a tee! They sell the stuff in packs which helps on the costs. Also since I’m sure their stuff works pretty well they sent me a coupon code I will share with you. Type in “10OFF” at checkout and yous should get 10% off.
  • A Microscope is invaluable. If you or your kids don’t have one, then just buy a pocket size one that is at least 30-45x in power for less than $20. You will use this to take tape samples or mineral oil scraping to try and identify if in fact you have scabies or some other human mite. If you have not figured out yet, the doctors don’t really know much about scabies so it will be left up to you to do your homework to actually get rid of these things including your own skin scrapings etc.
  • Read my section below on food supplements you should consider buying to help with your treatment.


  • If you have pets consider treating them as well. Naturasil makes a great pet product to kill scabies mites on your pets. Even though animal scabies (sarcoptic mange) are not the same types of mites that infect humans, pets have been known to harbor human mites if even for a few days, which mean it can be transmitted back to you. I would also not let my pets sleep with me which trying to get rid of this. It just makes sense.


After doing tons of research on the subject I came to the conclusion that scabies like certain people’s body chemistry including mine! I am one of those people who mosquitoes can find out in a crowd. Mosquitoes love me. You say what do mosquitoes have to do with scabies? Well I just think that some people are predisposed to bugs liking them because of their body chemistry. Scabies and human mites are no different.

So here is a list of a few food supplements that after doing research I feel could help with changing your body chemistry.

  • Pomegranite extract tablets
  • MSM sulfur extract tablets
  • 40% ellagic acid tablets
  • Immune Boosters such as Naturasil Immune Renew. Some are colostrum (cow) based and others are mushroom based. I prefer the mushroom one that Naturasil has.
  • Good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. GNC or any health food store has great ones. Don’t fool with Centrum etc. Cheap is not going to help here.
  • STOP EATING SUGAR! These bugs seem to love sugar and just stop at least until you get rid of them!

I can’t real;ly tell you how much of these supplements to take because I’m not a doctor. You will need to decide for your self which ones and how much. All I know is this helped me out immensely!



First get a game plan on how you will treat first then clean, clean, clean, and more cleaning!!

Laundry and vacuuming are going to be a daunting but necessary 2x a day task. Wash and dry EVERYTHING twice a day. Use the borax soap as it is known to kill scabies mites for sure. Linens, blankets, clothes, wash cloths, towels, sheets you sit on your couch etc, etc. Use typical logic when considering where you sit and what you do in your house, car or at work.

Put new mattress covers on all beds where people sleep that are or could be infected. Why? because you want to eliminate any source of where scabies can be harbored. Wash those covers down with BenzaRid or wash them daily in borax.

Vacuum EVERYTHING daily, and change the bag out daily, and put it in the trash can outside!

Treat with your treatment of choice according to the directions. I used all the other stuff  but Naturasil was the only thing that really worked for me. I used their liquid, topical cream, sulfur soap, and the BenzaRid spray. I soaked in the tub with the liquid, then used the soap head to toe, then the cream. Wash everything like crazy and spray the BenzaRid on everything. I took all the supplements listed above and cut out sugar completely.

Read more on my Scabies product Review page on this site!

Only after doing all the above did I get rid of the scabies!!

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