How do I Identify a Scabies Rash and Get Rid of Scabies?

scabies-rash-pictureIf you are here it is likely that you are concerned that you may have gotten scabies and the super itchy scabies rash? First Don’t panic! It is curable and and there are some great scabies treatment solutions for killing the scabies mites, for soothing the awful scabies itch and cutting down on your chances of re-infestation and spreading it to others, but first let’s confirm that you actually have a rash caused by scabies!

Scabies happens when small mites burrow inside human skin.  The infection results in severe itching, rash, redness on skin and blemishes. One of the frustrating things about scabies is that they tend to be most active when you are resting therefore the itch is actually often much worse when you rest. If not treated aggressively and in a timely manner, scabies can and likely will spread to your friends, family members and colleagues in no time.

Scabies is actually a little tricky to identify so here are a few things to help you identify scabies from other infections:

Often the first signs are thin black lines that are hard to see that form between fingers and/ or toes. These are the tunnels created by the scabies mites. Usually these are less than 10mm long Scabies-rash-Burrows-Pictures-scabies-treatmentand If you find one of these it is highly likely that you have scabies because this s a symptom particular to scabies. These tracks are what eventually turn into rashes.

Typically, small and round, Scabies Rashes tend to be red in color and are actually caused when the scabies mites burrow inside the human skin forming tunnels for the mites to lay eggs in. The color comes from the fact that scabies is reddish in color.  In severe cases of infection, the rashes are almost always bright red in color but they can vary in amount of redness based on individual skin type and color. Other rashes are sometimes red as well but tend to fade over time while the scabies rash tends to get worse each day right along with the intense itch.

They are often similar in look to pimples combined with an itching feeling which stays for a long period.

It is very common for Scabies Rashes to Appear on the Lower Portions of the Body including the ankles, foot, thighs, wrists, palms, and groin areas.

Scabies rarely if ever appear on the neck, head or face of a person during the early stages but left untreated can certainly find its way there.

Treatment by a doctor is recommended if you are in severe pain, but here are some effective treatment options:

·         Prescriptions –   These methods require a Doctor visit and are derived from pesticide that effectively poison the scabies. one method is an internal pill and the other is a pesticide cream. Each require a prescription and come with a long list of potential side effects. For a Natural solution we recommend Naturasil.

·         Natural / Homeopathic Scabies Treatments – Fortunately natural and effective ways of treating scabies are available.  The Naturasil System is based off of a 2000-year-old secret formulation that consists of an all-natural bath soak, a special itch relief soap and sulfur based cream. Naturasil is a well-established brand with strong customers reviews and a 100% money back 90-day guarantee! it is absolutely safe to use, is highly soothing with no side effects, and is well effective in treating scabies.

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