Itchiness You Have Never Felt … Until Now

300px-Canine_scabies_miteYour yearly vacation has finally come around. With a nice hotel to stay in, sights to see, and room service at your beckoned call what could possibly go wrong? Then you wake up in the middle of the night with near painful itching. Upon further investigation, you discover raised red bumps in between your fingers, on your palms, and covering your elbows. The worst part about the whole scenario is that you just can’t stop scratching; if you scratch much longer, your skin may start bleeding.

This may sound horrific, but this is a clear case of scabies. Scabies mites (also known as Sarcoptes scabiei) are barely visible to the naked eye, but can severely hinder your ability to function on a daily basis. The females of this species, attracted to the smell of humans, tunnel into your skin, laying eggs and leaving feces in their paths. These female pilgrims eventually die, but her eggs will hatch after two to three days and this cycle of burrowing, tunneling, and laying eggs will continue (to your dismay, of course).

When I first heard about scabies, I figured I was in the clear. As long as I keep my sheets, towels, and clothes clean I couldn’t contract this severe invasion of privacy. After doing a bit of research, however, I found that there are some uncontrollable circumstances that put me at risk. Scabies is contracted by sharing towels or a bed with someone who already has it, or even by staying in a hotel that is infested with them. If the hotel sheets aren’t laundered correctly, you could get scabies just by staying at that hotel.

Which brought me to my next question: How do I get rid of them when I inevitably become their new living quarters? Doctors recommend prescriptions only. Prescription Permethrin cream 5% is the mostly commonly prescribed medication for scabies. While this cream is safe for all ages (including under age two) and usually gets rid of mites on the first or second application, it can be fairly pricey and is loaded up with FDA approved chemical ingredients. Another cream commonly prescribed for the more moderate to severe cases isLindane 1%. This cream can have very dangerous side effects (including seizures and central nervous system damage) and must be used exactly as directed. Sulfur ointment is sometimes prescribed to infants and children under two. It isn’t nearly as effective as Permethrin 5% or Lindane 1%, but it’s much less harsh on their little bodies.

As I’ve pointed out already, scabies is extremely itchy.  Doctors will often prescribe steroid cream or antihistamines (such as Benedryl) to lessen the itchiness. For children under two, it is very important to check with their pediatrician before giving them any antihistamines on your own. If the itching causes a secondary infection, it may be necessary to take antibiotics as well.

Of course, there are all natural solutions as well. Naturasil offers an entire line of products devoted to this specific problem. The company recommends using all of their products together as one treatment protocol to get the best results. First in their line of defense is Naturasil for Scabies Liquid. This is a liquid formula that kills the scabies mites from the outside and then penetrates the skin to work internally as well. The Scabies Cream by Naturasil is applied after bathing with the liquid formula to fight the scabies mites. Naturasil Immune Renew is a product that can be used for scabies mites (as well as other ailments such as warts) to boost your immune system and encourage your body to fight back as well. The last thing in Naturasil’s line of scabies products is the Naturasil Scabies Sulfur Lavender Soap. When showering, be sure to scrub with this soap; it works with the liquid formula and the topical cream to kill all of the mites and stop the itching.

Giving the Naturasil line of scabies treatment products is totally worth your time. I, for one, do not like using products that have ingredients I can’t pronounce and have never heard of. Why trust the money-hungry prescription drug companies when you can rest easy (and less itchy) knowing exactly what ingredients you’re putting into your body. Weigh your options: triethanolamine lauryl sulfate or lavender? (Even Microsoft Word’s spell check doesn’t recognize the first ingredient!)

Naturasil Scabies Treatment
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Scabies Treatment Packs from Naturasil are very effecive at getting rid of scabies mites once and for all. There is a process to get rid of scabies and Naturasil has it mastered. With a 90 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee you can't go wrong.

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