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Welcome to my website. I had scabies and after months and300px-Sarcoptes_scabei_2 months of trying everything, I finally found something that works.

It was the single hardest and most embarrassing experience of my life. Here is what I found out after months and months of suffering, and most of it is FREE!

Please spend just 4 minutes and carefully read. It could change your quality of life:

The treatment of scabies should be made particularly quickly and carefully because of the risk of contamination among your family and people you come into contact with.  Contamination can happen quite rapidly and can quickly get  out of control. Many people understandably panic when considering scabies. I know I did! Be practical and calm in your approach and follow these simple steps:

  • Prior medical consultation. You should not treat just because you “think” you have scabies. Make sure there is a proper diagnosis first! A skin scraping might be the first place to start, but if you are pretty sure then I would move on pretty quickly to treatment and containment of a scabies outbreak. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to be for you and your family!
  • Obtain a skin scraping from a dermatologist or do a self administered skin scraping with mineral oil and a microscope or 30-45x pocket microscope. Skin scrapings are not always conclusive, however my experience is it take weeks if not months to get into a dermatologist, and once you do I hate to say it but most doctors don’t know what they are doing with skin scrapings or scabies for that fact. I was desperate to find out out first hand what I had. I bought a mini microscope and found out myself in just a few minutes. Just dab some baby or mineral oil on the affected area and scape it off with a glass slide. You will see the mites under the microscope. It will take some time but keep looking. You will be HORRIFIED but will know for sure!!  A pocket microscope or standard microscope is the fastest way to determine if you have the scabies mite or not.
  • Do a Scabies Skin Scraping Ink Test! It can be almost impossible to get in and see a dermatologist right away so self-help is necessary!
  • Watch this Video On How to Do The Test at Home Yourself


What do I Need to Do The Test?

  1. A mini or compound microscope capable of at least 30-45x magnification
  2. A blue or black washable ink pad, preferably blue in (like the stain lactophenol blue from biology class)
  3. Glass slides and glass slide covers
  4. Several cotton swabs that are clean
  5. Mineral oil (its preferable because of its viscosity)
  • The treatment of your children and partners is key to your success. Members of the family living under the same roof and all people with itching in the entourage (family, children, friends, pets… I talk more about pets below) and other people you have been in close contact with will need to be treated to be sure you will not spread it to others or – WORSE – re-infect yourself in the future.
  • Wash EVERYTHING in at least 110 degrees hot water or above with borax soap (20 Mule Team Borax). It is available at local grocery stores like Walmart, Target, local grocery store, etc. Dry on HIGH!
  • For Mattresses, sofas, sofas, upholstery, car seats use a serious and proven mite disinfectant like BenzaRid spray. Also, consider using Organic Crawling Bug Control Dust which is a natural dust that safely eliminates the mites in your environment. Both can be purchased online.
  • Mattress covers! Use them! You will need to take them off and wash them daily or use the BenzaRid to kill the mites on your bedding daily.
  • CUT OUT SUGAR! Sounds crazy but these buggers like sugar. Why not cut out sugar for a week or two to get better? I did and it helps!!
  • Immune Boosters – Get on them. Your immune system can’t fight the mites by itself but you will need to be strong to battle them and a weak immune system will just make getting rid of the mites a harder and longer process. Naturasil makes a great one that is mushroom based called Naturasil  Immune Renew, or you can get a colostrum (cow or bovine) based one at your local health food store. You can find more about this below.
  • Treatment with oatmeal baths and itch control product like “cortizone cream” should be considered AFTER or IN-BETWEEN treatments. Why? It can interfere with whatever lotions that you will use to kill th e mites. This certainly will not kill scabies but will alleviate some of the symptoms of itching and scabies rash.
  • Traditional scabies have burrows at the folds of the skin and DOES NOT GO ABOVE THE NECK LINE. Above the neck line means something else. Possibly bird or rat mites. Believe me they can host on you, too. Treatment for bird or rat mites is generally the same, but much more intense in how much time it can take to get rid of them. Following a good hygiene protocol is the key.
  • Pets can be a get mites, too. Human mites, such as scabies, do not live on pets such as dogs or cats for longer than a few days. However, if the can live for a few days then you probably don’t want your pets being around you while you are treating or you could get a ‘ping pong’ effect of giving it back and forth to you or your other family members just but letting a dog or cat sleep or cuddle with you. I have talked to people who have experienced just this sa me problem. Use common sense. It is best to keep the pets away and or possibly treat them as well during a scabies infestation. I talk about some pet treatment options below.

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    • Benzyl benzonate: One can use benzyl benzoate lotion prescribed by a doctor. Benzyl benzoate is not always effective, as scabies mites have proven to become immune to this treatment. This lotion is generally applied to the e ntire body except the face and genital area for several days in between mite life cycles. Most people, just like me,  already tried one or several of these options to only find that it knocks them back for a day or two and they come charging right back.
    • Permethrin cream 5-10%: This is often the most prescribed by a doctor, but studies have shown that scabies mites are very resistant to this chemical pesticide treatment as they have built up an immunity to it and mutated away from its effectiveness to the poison. I tried it several times. It would knock them back for a day then be right back again the next 1-2 days. I used this first and it made me feel ill for a few days after the treatments. I honestly would try something else before trying it. Considering permethrin is known carcinogen, and a very common flea and tick medication for dogs and cats which is also well-known for not working well, but at very high concentrations on animals. Of course this makes me even less comfortable about using permethrin at all!
    • Lindane poison cream: Same as above.
    • Oral Ivermectin: Also known as stromectol  (which is what you give your dogs and cats orally for heartworm prevention) it is occasionally prescribed, but not recommended for children. A doctor must determine the dosage. I would recommend this as the absolute last resort.


      • Naturasil Scabies Cream, liquid bath products, and Sulfur-Lavender Scabies Relief Soap are the BEST! They are natural and worked for me on my scabies rash within two mite cycles (Less than a week) to kill the scabies mites. Also, Naturasil just updated their soap! Now the Scabies Relief Soap contains no harmful SLS, Parabens, or EDTA.

    • If you look into the Naturasil company Nature’s Innovation they are a solid BBB rated A+, been around for 8 years, and the founder is well-respected and a naturopath who developed these homeopathic treatments specifically for scabies.
    • Naturasil liquid product plus the sulfur-lavender soap plus epson salts bath = RELIEF. Then use the Naturasil cream after drying off. DO NOT WASH OFF! You have to do this 1-2 times per day if you are serious about getting rid of this!
    • Use an Immune System Booster like Naturasil Immune Renew. Some people who have had problems with these invisible biting mites also have immune system problems and may not even be aware of it. I believe that these mites are attracted to certain people, and some may attract them way more than others by having a low immune system which must put off some odorless signal to the mites. Those “carriers” really need to focus along with the family on eating right, taking an immune booster; again order it online if you can’t find it at the store. I take Naturasil’s Immune Renew and it works pretty well. It is mushroom based. Others are cow colostrum based and I really don’t like the thought of taking colostrum (from new born cow’s milk) from a cow.
    • Candida or Yeast Infection has been linked to mites. The technical term is candida albicans or yeast infection that is systemic in your body. The science behind this is not known, but some theorize that candida emits some type of odor the mites can smell and are attracted to.  It is not just in women, it can be in men, too. You do not have to have symptoms of it to have it in your body. Take either drugs from the doctor (antibiotics specific to it) or natural food supplements to kill off this harmful yeast in your system. A good natural food supplement is Naturasil Candida Clear.
    • I have seen and tried everything naturally from neem and caranja, to olive oil. I tried a ton of this stuff. Truth is some of it knocks them back for a day or two, but I NEVER GOT RID OF IT COMPLETELY using these other treatments. Be sure to use the BenzaRid environmental spray to kill the mites on your bed, chairs, car seats, work chair, you name it. Don’t forget to spray where your pets lay, and their bedding too. Remember even though pets don’t host human scabies, they can ping pong it back and forth to you by sleeping or cuddling with them. So do yourself a favor and eliminate that possibility.
    • The best natural treatment I used is hands down Naturasil scabies cream, bath products and soaps, which are generally sulfur- and natural plant extract-based, and they were highly effective. After using their creams and soaps for 1 week I could finally sleep at night!!  I was finally over the nightmare!!
    • PS – I have a large family. I broke down and bought the Scabies Family Pack. It is the best deal by far.

Most people prefer natural methods to kill scabies as pesticides have known carcinogens and can be harmful to personal health, but you be the judge. I just want to provide all the information and let you decide which method is right for you


    • I have heard from many people who think their mite problem was brought in by their pet. I can tell you pet mange or “sarcoptic scabies or sarcoptic mange” is NOT contagious to a human. You  can temporarily be infected by sarcoptic mites but not permanently. Human scabies and animal scabies are two different types of mites completely. On the other hand there are many types of bird or rat mites that can host on both humans and pets at the same time. Generally itching is over the entire body including the head and more so at night. Traditional scabies have burrows at the folds of the skin and DOES NOT GO ABOVE THE NECK LINE. Above the neck line means something else. Possibly bird or rat mites. Believe me they can host on you too. Nonetheless treatments are pretty much the same as outlines above. The Naturasil pet mite products are great for naturally killing mites on animals.
    • Don’t forget that pets can be carriers of human mites such as sarcoptic mites can host for even a short time on your pets such as dogs, cats, pet birds, mice, rats. Bird and rat mites can host of both humans and animals indefinitely. Use common sense. If you have a pet you want to either limit contact with it or send it elsewhere while you treat so that you are not “ping ponging” mites back and forth between you and a pet. Naturasil makes great natural pet mange treatment products to be sure that you are keeping your environment safe and keep the pets our of your mite problem.


    • I have had some people tell me that MSM pills, garlic pills, and immune system boosters from a natural foods store may help. These all still require a very rigorous treatment regimen, this is not in place of treatment, but to aid and speed it up.
    • I have also heard that pomegranate extract in either liquid or pills can help. Why this might help I have no idea, but I am just conveying a number of messages I have received.
    • Organic apple cider, same as above, why I don’t know, but taking it is said to help some with the infection while also following the above treatments.
    • Air mattresses are helpful if you don’t want to be changing your actual bed every 5 minutes. You would still need to sanitize it with BenzaRid or equivalent but it may cut down on some cleaning at least once a day.
    • Plastic trash bags are a great idea to store your clothes, towels, sheets in if they are dirty and you don’t have time to clean them. It’s also a safe place for clean clothes just don’t mix them up. 🙂

I managed to get ahold of a coupon code for 15% OFF! Use code “STO15” on checkout for ALL the Naturasil products. You will save a ton of money. I hope this helps.

Jim S.

PS: Naturasil will also give you a FREE – yep totally Free – bite relief with each order of scabies products. Their bite relief works great for relieving the itching. It is also a small bottle that you could carry with you on a hike or to a ball game and helps keep bugs away.

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