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Product Naturasil Scabies Products Permethrin Cream 5% Lindane Ivermectin
5 stars

4 stars

3 stars

5 stars
Speed Relief from itching almost instantly Few Days to a Week 2-3 Weeks Few Days to a Week
Best Feature All Natural Ingredients with no chemicals Available at most pharmacies* Available at most pharmacies* Available at most pharmacies*
*Must have a prescription from a doctor
Ingredient Quality
5 stars +

2 stars **

3 stars **

3 stars **
+ Formulated & Manufactured with hand selected ingredients sourced local farms all around the world. **Many different manufacturers make these products all with different variety of safety checks and FDA compliance.
Usage Topical Topical Topical Oral or Injections
5 stars

3 stars

3 stars

2 stars
Risks & Side Effects Small percentage of people intolerance to certain essential oils. Intense Itching, Swelling or Redness at application site. Stinging or Burning Sensations. Allergic Reaction Trouble breathing, Dizzyness, Unsteady on feet, Fast Heartbeat, Vomiting or Seizures Headache, dizziness, muscle pain, nausea, diarrhea, loss of consciousness and more.
Return Policy 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee None None None
Price $19.95 +
Variety of products to meet you and your families needs.
Doctors Visit (~$104) and $45-$60 per tube Doctors Visit (~$104) and $85-$80 per bottle of lotion or shampoo Doctors Visit (~$104) and $280+ per tube
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Average Doctors visit cost based on 2012 data from Prices from averages for generic persriptions at popular US pharmacies via